Our History

Italian cooking has been a family adventure since Mama Angela was a little girl in Italy. When they moved to Colorado in 1911, Mama started this bistro with her daughters, who have continued to pass it through the family for more than 100 years. Everyone is welcome at Mama Angela's Bistro 360!


Meet the Chef

It started with Mama Angela. She had a knack for the Italian classics and loved to share them with everyone.

Today, Bistro 360 is run by two of Mama's great-grandaughters, Sara and Silvia. They keep true to Mama's classic recipes but also love to try new twists. Cooking in the kitchen at the Bistro is always a delight with music, friendship, wine, and -- of course -- flavor!

Our Philosophy

Today, Sara and Silvia work to remain true to Mama Angela's dream of bringing Italian home cooking to the good people of Colorado. With more recipes than they can count, Bistro 360 consistently has different foods and drinks rotating through the menu -- of course with the family favorites always available for you. We invite everyone who eats with us to become our family. It hasn't always been easy to keep our doors open for more than 100 years. Yet, our community is centered around the food we share and is connected to our Italian roots. That's what makes it last!